Thursday 17 November 2016

Christmas Table Decorations

 FRS337 Gingerbread Men
2” holly & leafy branch punch (blue).
 1 ½” holly punch (yellow)
 Brilliance Graphite Black.
 Bright green & holly green card for punching. Gold mirror card.
A4 Red card.
Woodware Cork sheet. 
Red fabric marker. 
Gold wire. Red beads.
 Red & white organza ribbon.
 Stickles Frosted Lace.
All available

Your local Exmouth stockist is:-
Liberty Craft
33 Exeter Road
Exmouth EX8 1PT
01395 273238

Other materials:-
 20cm polystyrene ring. 
Gold wire. Red beads. 

We're looking at decorations for our festive table this week & OK I admit it I'm cheating... again!! This was a project which I designed for a workshop at Liberty Craft few weeks ago but why reinvent the wheel?! Here we have a wreath which can be hung or is just as at home being used as a candle ring for the table (although I would probably say use a battery candle for health & safety reasons). Here's how...

1.     Place the ring on top of the red card & draw around with a pencil. Cut out & set aside.
2.     Take pieces of patterned paper & tear into strips around 1” wide.
3.     Using PVA glue cover the top of the ring with the paper alternating the pattern. Set aside to dry.
4.     Stamp the Gingerbread Men (GBM) onto the cork sheet twice. Colour hats bowties & buttons etc. with red. I found that fabric pens of permanent marker dried best & quickest on the cork.
5.     Carefully cut out the individual Gingerbread men & set aside.
6.     Punch dark green holly leaves with blue punch & ferns with the bright green card & leafy branch blue punch. Punch gold holly leaves with yellow holly punch. Use a DEET give some vein character to the holly leaves.
7.     Glue the red card circle to the back of the wreath.
8.     Tie ribbon to top of wreath. Glue first GBM over ribbon. Position remaining 4 evenly around wreath & glue in place.
9.     Arrange holly & fern leaves around GBM. Use glue gun to adhere red beads among the leaves.
10.  Cut the gold wire into even portions (you have 1 metre) fold in half & curl each half around a wooden stick to produce corkscrews.
11. Make holes at intervals in side of wreath & add a little hot glue to folded end of gold curls before inserting into hole.
12. Add Frosted Lace Stickles to GBM .  

Here's the wreath hanging.

 A closer look

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