Sunday, 3 March 2019

Stamp Kissing & Shadow Stamping

Wednesday 13th March 9.30-12.30 £15 (you will spend 90 mins with each tutor)
Stamp kissing & Shadow Stamping
Jan’s workshop
Jan will explore the different & impressive effects which can be achieved by this great stamping technique.
Shadow Stamping – We will create colourful shadows by a variety of means to then use as a background for florals and foliage alike.   I have created an assortment of card compositions to show off this lovely style of stamping. 
Deb’s workshop
Using a solid stamp & a detailed stamp together see what you can create!! We’ll create some unique stamping effects by “kissing” a solid inked stamp with a detailed outline stamp which crates beautiful brocade like images. I’ll even give you your own personally made stamp to take home with you!! Intrigued?!
To book your place
or 01395 223026

Monday, 11 February 2019

Craft Card Designs

Tuesday 19th February 9.30-12.30 £15
The Pilgrim Rooms
Glenorchy Church
Exeter Road
Exmouth EX8 1PL
Craft Card Designs
Jan’s Workshop
Craft card and colours!
Jan has created some very colourful fairy cards, using sparkly black embossing and adding Brushos..
Deb’s Workshop
Deb will use white embossing, white stamping, Distress Oxides & colouring with water colour pencils with some favourite classic Woodware stamps.
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March Workshop

Deb's Projects

Jan's Projects
Workshops for March

Saturday 2nd March 9.30-12.30 1.30-4.30 £15 each workshop session or £28 for both
Spring designs
Jan’s Workshop
Jan's colourful ways with watercolour pencils incorporates creating background effects and
 adding colour with watercolour pencils. Effects include dotty, stripy and shaded backgrounds, simple stamping, adding perfect colour (the easy way with watercolour pencils) and then perfectly mounting and composing your piece of art to make a beautifully finished card. 
Deb’s workshop
Deb will feature the Hobbyart stamp set “March Hares”. We shall create an easy background with Distress inks & the Gelli plate, water colour techniques, soft coloured pencils pretty layouts with stamped flowers, foliage & Spring! Spring! Spring!

Wednesday 13th March 9.30-12.30 £15 (you will spend 90mins with each tutor)
Stamp kissing & Shadow Stamping
Jan’s workshop
Jan will explore the different & impressive effects which can be achieved by this great stamping technique.
Deb’s workshop
Using a solid stamp & a detailed stamp together see what you can create!!

To book your place email
0r phone 01395 223026

Thursday, 17 January 2019

February workshop news!

Saturday 9th February 9.30-4.30 £15 each workshop or £28 for the day.

Going Around in Circles
Deb’s Workshop
We shall be using the “Bokeh” technique which focuses on colourful use of inks highlighting with over stamping with white circles.
Jan’s Workshop
With Jan you will create a very impressive & clever design using a variety of circle punches & colours.

This is already proving to be a popular workshop so book your place soon if you want to join us! 
To book your place email

Here are Deb's projects

Monday, 14 January 2019

Sketch workshop

Monday 21st January 9.30-12.30-£15

Same Layout- 4 cards- Using a "Sketch"
“Sketches” or pre planned layouts are useful tools to plan your cardmaking especially when you’re stuck for ideas. We shall both be working from the same “sketch” but used in different contexts, with very different stamps, products & techniques.

Deb's Projects

Thursday, 16 August 2018

New from Stix2

New to the Stix2 range & available at the end of August we have the small calendars (pack of 10) which are great for creating your own calendars from artwork, craft projects or your favourite photos. These are very handy for creating unique gifts & projects for workshops too. Here are a couple of ideas using plenty of other Stix2 products.

Here I've taken a 5 x 7 cream card blank, cut it down in half down the fold & reassemble it (longways.) I've then folded the top in half  to form an easel card. The photo has been printed onto Stix2 Printable acetate (S57183) & I've attached a second piece of the acetate onto which I've printed a sentiment over the photo using Micro Dots on a Roll (S57124) The card used is from the Gingham range in green (new!) & lemon. As you can see from the photos below the calendar, which has been mounted onto the base with 3D foam tape, acts as the stop bar but you can take the front further back to reveal a pad of post it notes.This would be useful to have on your desk & would make a great gift , you could personalise it with a photo of your own choice 

For my second sample I've made another desk calendar but this time using  stamps from Chocolate Baroque. I've stamped the image onto a piece of card which has been sprayed with the Stix2 spray paints. I've loosely cut around the outline & mounted it onto the new navy & violet card from the Stix2 Tinted card range. The base of the calendar has been made from a piece from the Pearlescent card range (Platinum). With the card in landscape mode, score at 3.5" internals with the last small section being used to form a tab to join the 2 ends together. I've used red liner tape to hold the base firmly together.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Welcome to my week.....

It's been a busy old week, well nothing new there but something going on every day with hardly time to "turn the horse around" before I was off again so to speak.

Monday saw me doing all the mundane usual things, you know, house work & the highlight of the week the trip to Tesco. ARGHHH! I had my personal shopper with me this week in the form of Mr Frosty. That can be both a blessing & a hazard. The blessing comes at the packing stage as we have a good system going there but he does tend to inhibit browsing as he thinks I might be tempted to spend too much!! Hah! As if! So Monday usually passes in a blur of domestic bliss- not!!

Tuesday was the day for my first workshop day at Imagine Design Create Seaton. I was feeling nervous, excited &  with a little trepidation thrown in too. Have I packed everything? Get a grip you're going to be working in a craft shop!! Will they like me & my style of work? They've booked haven't they? And... breathe!
So, I set off early being reliably informed by my transport manager(Mr Frosty again) that it should take me no longer than 35-40 minutes to drive there. Hmmm! He hadn't factored in getting through Colaton Raleigh in the "rush hour". For those of you reading this (is there anyone reading this?!) CR is a small village on route to Seaton  (Seaton is a mere 20 miles further along the coast from Exmouth where I live) & a bit of a bottleneck.Traffic was at a stand still with people getting out of their cars & milling about. Stress levels went up a few more notches as I was convinced that there must have been a "major incident" up ahead & I was going to be late!  Turned out on enquiry to the local friendly postman, that it was no more than 2 large vehicles trying to inch their way past each other on the narrow country roads. Phew! Now calm down Deb! I was soon bowling along again.  
Well my day at Imagine Design  Create was a joy & I was made to feel very welcome & appreciated by the ladies participating in both my workshops. By the end of the day we were getting on like we'd all known each other for years, having a laugh & pulling each others legs. As it should be! I was so pleased that they had enjoyed it so much that they had all booked there & then for next month's workshop day on Tuesday 10th July.

Another day, another workshop as Wednesday saw me away to our regular monthly Wednesday morning workshop at the Pilgrim rooms Glenorchy church Exmouth. This week our project was "Paper Mosaics" in 2 very different forms. We were a small but very select group this time & as my crafty partner Jan had only just landed back on our shores after her hols in Turkey a matter of hours before I had volunteered to take the first class so that she could have a bit of a lie in. More chat, coffee & putting the world to rights went on as we worked diligently on my mosaic project which had a more traditional style to Jan's contemporary one-that's why we work so well together!. Boy was I glad to see Jan appear about 10.30 as I was having visions about her being stranded at a Turkish airport! I seemed like ages since I'd seen her, I do miss my crafty bestie when she's away! 

It was good to get out into the garden in the afternoon & have a bit of peace & quiet doing a bit of tidying & deadheading. I always find that really therapeutic especially after a hectic couple of days. My roses are particularly good this year & I'm wondering if "the beast from the east" did some good in killing off some diseases. Every cloud & all that.

I'm a regular member of our village church & was recently persuaded (against my better judgement) to join the team of flower arrangers who make the church look so beautiful. My reluctance stems from me not being any type of flower arranger not from a reluctance to help, may I add quickly. My idea of flower arranging is take 'em out of the wrapping & deposit in a vase of water, no fiddling about required. My fellow flower arrangers at last weeks meeting assured me that I'd soon pick it up & there was nothing to it......we'll see! So on Friday morning I set off for church for my first turn on the rota.I have to say that under the expert guidance of Sue (what patience!) I really got into it & thoroughly enjoyed myself. The results weren't half bad either!

So that about completes the week. I'm away to church in the morning to recharge my spiritual batteries & to restore order to the chaos of life. As a committed Christian my time in my Fathers house I liken to charging my mobile. I plug in, immerse myself in the fellowship of my church family & ask God to speak to me as I speak to Him. 

I hope you've enjoyed my week with me. I wish you a blessed & peaceful week ahead &  "May your God go with you".