Wednesday 20 June 2012

I've been on a creative roll!

Just recently back from my hols in Mallorca I came back buzzing with ideas & not just of the card designing variety either. Laid a little low by the Japonica bug at the weekend I retired to my craft room to put some of my plans into action. Here are some of the results of my feverish imagination!

I've  had in mind for a while now that I wanted some new pictures for our bedroom but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Why not create my own? I've used a combination of stamping meets scrapbooking meets "Frantage" another words throw everything at it & see what sticks! Great fun!! I've featured the Jumbo cling "Songbird" from Stampendous with a variety of techniques. I'm really pleased with the results!

Here are a couple of projects that I did for the garden to give it that Mediterranean look

Think I'll go have a lie down now!!


  1. Beautiful pictures and projects. Love the colours. V. jealous that you've just had two weeks in Mallorca - I love it there and am hoping to go next year (haven't been for almost six years!)

  2. Thanks Julie hope you get to Mallorca soon. We're back again at the end of September & looking out of the window at the moment I can't wait!! Debs x