Monday 9 June 2014

Crafting in the sun....the Spanish way

We've just spent 2 blissful weeks at our house in Mallorca. I had planned a make over of my kitchen cupboards while we were there but my idea for the refurbishment fell at the first hurdle & was commandeered by Mr Frosty & a pot of emulsion!
So there I am armed with a lot of Tim Holtz die cut leaves & locks, a large pot of Mod Podge & a roll of wall paper- what to do?! At first I retired to my perch on the terrace with my trusty Kindle & tried to ignore the creative itch which was building. Argh!! I was having craft withdrawal symptoms!! Then an idea began to form.... I headed off to the local Chinese Bazaar (yes I know- in Spain go figure!!)  & bought a large canvas.
So here's the thing girls, I'm thousands of miles away from my stash, tools, ink pads....everything! So a little compromise, a little imagination & a little ingenuity were called for. I started by giving the canvas some swipes of said emulsion from the kitchen re vamp. The torn stone look at the top right corner was from the wall paper intended for the kitchen. You also see the leaves, lock, snail shells from my garden (evacuated & scrubbed of course!) almond shells from our trees, string from the shed, cocktail sticks, some euros & torn up old postcards. I did cheat a little & bought the little geckos & fan from a souvenir shop.
I've "aged" the edges of the postcards with some eye shadow but I would have killed for a Distress pad to age the edges of the canvas itself. Hmmm! That got me to thinking for an alternative. So that's when Mr Frosty caught me with my finger in the Marmite pot smearing it around the edges of the canvas- worked a treat!! You either love it or hate it!! I just explained that I got carried away & that's when he was heard to mutter "Yes I think you soon will be!"  Manana, manana!!


This table I created from an old one & I spent many happy ours when we lived in Mallorca with a pot of glue, some broken bathroom tiles & some mosaics. Happy days!!

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