Friday 24 August 2012

It's Blog Hop Week!

Here's my first Dreamweaver design for this week

Shopping List
Dreamweaver Stencil LX7016 Season of Joy
Metallic gold embossing paste
Ultrafine Crystal glitter
Star border peel off
s/a pearls + Stickles Diamond
Black & white linen card
All available from:-
Your local stockist is:-
22, The Parade
01395 271739
I have used one of the lovely new Christmas designs from Dreamweaver for our blog hop week & have employed 2 different techniques using the same stencil to show how versatile they are.

For the outside of my card I have passed the stencil through my Cuttlebug using white vellum. For this you will need A plate+B plate+stencil+vellum+sillicon mat+B plate + some shims of card (you'll need to play about with this until you get the pressure just right so use some card scraps first). I have cut an aperture & have matched the vellum panel over the golden version on the inside of my card which gives it a sparkly frosted look.
If you haven't used stencils with embossing pastes before below is a step by step guide from the Dreamweaver team to help you.

Using Embossing Paste with Brass Stencils

This technique looks especially nice on dark card stock. It has a sharper edge to it than either dry or thermal embossing and, like dry embossing, it can also be stenciled with color. When iridescent powders are added to the regular embossing paste, the embossing almost has an "Indian sandpainted" look to it.

1. When using embossing paste on the brass stencils, you need to work quickly, because the paste sets up in 20-40 minutes and you don't want it to dry into the fine bridgework of the brass stencils.

2. Make sure you are working on a hard flat surface and the stencil needs to be flat against the surface, because, if it is bent, the paste will pull under the bridges and smear.

3. Tape out the edges well with removable tape.

4. Pick up the paste on the bottom of the metal palette knife and smooth over the stencil's cut out areas as if applying icing to a cake. Now the paste on the stencil is about 1/8"- 1/4" thick. At this point, scrape off the excess paste until all the holes are filled evenly and the stencil surface is smooth.

5. Immediately take off the tape and pick up the stencil from the paper--lifting it off in a straight up manner as much as possible. It is important to clean the stencil off immediately, so drop it into a pan of water until you have time to scrub it with a vegetable or nail brush. If there is a film or residue of paste on the stencil, use a rubber stamp cleaner that removes permanent inks. Apply it generously and scrub with a dry paper towel.
6. Set aside the paste project for 20-40 minutes and, when dry, put the cleaned stencil back in place and stencil with a variety of mediums.

Here is the inside of my design using the embossing paste technique & I have added a little crystal glitter to the trees & snow to add some frosting. The starry border is a peel off in gold & I have finished off the outside of the card with some pearls which I have frosted with some Stickles.

 See you tomorrow!


  1. This is an elegant card Debs - having seen it in the "flesh" I can really appreciate the textures and calm tones in it. Really Dreamy!

  2. 2 gorgeous cards with the same stencil!!

  3. Cool technique with the vellum, I'll have to give it a try. Pretty card!

  4. That is a really neat technique to combine the vellum with the card underneath! Did you put any glitter on the vellum? It looks so sparkly!

  5. I love the vellum overlay of the gold paste. Beautiful!

  6. So creative to use the vellum overlay!! Beautiful

  7. Absolutely lovely! Really like the look of the crystal glitter! Thanks for sharing!

  8. WOW! What an incredible card. I love the way the vellum looks over the gold paste. Will be trying this one!! Fabulous!