Wednesday 20 March 2013

Easter Tree

Well we all have a Christmas tree why can't we have an Easter tree? I've had one of sorts for years & after this long, miserable winter we've just had it's nice to do something fun & pretty to welcome spring. You may spy the cupcakes (Mr. Frosty was heard to mutter "Don't know about about cupcakes but I can see a fruitcake!!" Charming!!) & recognised them as one of Jane Gill's big Singles stamps from a few years ago. Stamped onto shrink plastic & coloured lightly with coloured pencils they make a great decoration. Well I like my Easter tree, what do you think?  


  1. I think it is beautiful and you may have inspired me to do one!

  2. Thanks Carol a kindred spirit!! x

  3. I think it is lovely, very European!