Tuesday 31 July 2012

Shrink Plastic

Shopping list
Frosted shrink plastic
Magenta L-0390 Love Branch
Sakura pencils
Timber brown Stazon
Brilliance Pearlescent Beige
2" Elipse punch
Long reach punch
Heat tool.
all available from:
Your local stockist is 
22 The Parade
01395 271739
We're taking a break from card making this week as I try my hand at some jewellery making. Shrink plastic is perfect for the job as you can make some beautiful embellishments using stamps and/or punches. 
There are a few basic rules to remember when using shrink plastic:-
1. Check to see is your plastic is pre sanded. This means that you have a rough side and a smooth. If your product needs to be sanded before use the manufacturers instructions will guide you through.
2. You will need to use Stazon to stamp with as it dries instantly. You can get away with using Brilliance but it needs to be left over night to dry
3. Always use coloured pencils to colour you image and keep colouring faint and pale as colours darken and brighten dramatically when you shrink.
4.Don't forget to make any holes that you will need for attachment before you shrink and make sure that it will be large enough for your purpose after shrinking. 
5. If you're a shrinky virgin don't be scared! It looks really scary when you first start to heat and your piece starts to curl up but keep going all will be well.
6.Have something flat to hand like the back of a stamp to flatten out your piece when the shrinking is complete and the plastic is still hot.

As you will see I've used a fairly old stamp from Magenta but a gorgeous one. I lightly sponged the frosted shrink plastic with Pearlescent Beige Brilliance to give a bit more of an antique look. After stamping with Stazon and colouring I've loosely cut around the image and punched my hole. For the earrings I have punched a piece with the oval punch. I've cannibalised  a necklace and earring set that I bought very cheaply but it creates a very unique piece of jewellery. Go on- start shrinking!!

Here's the piece before I shrank it

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  1. Cool necklace Debs - no more diamonds for you now - Shrinky all the way! I love how you've made it look quite "Vintage" by using the cheap necklace to start with - great idea!